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5 Smart Security Tips in Ember Period

5 Smart Security Tips in Ember Period

Ember months refer to the months that end with ‘ember’ which are September to December. The crime wave in this period is always high as everyone will be trying to meet up for the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

A security report by National Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in 2017 confirmed that a total of 125,790 crime cases were reported within the year from the 36 states of Nigeria. The preparation to welcome the Christmas and New Year in this period is not excluding the criminals in our society; hence it is important to play safe during this period.

Here are 5 smart security tips to take in ember period.

  1. Do not use your vehicle automatic lock in public places

Criminals are advancing everyday with the help of technology. They are now using technology to take advantage of innocent people; today there is a technology gadget in the market used by hackers to decode your automatic lock button.

When you pack your vehicle in a public place and use automatic lock to lock your vehicle, hackers will intercept your code on their gadget to easily unlock your vehicle and steal all your belongings.

The best thing to do while packing your vehicle in a public place is to manually lock your car with your car key, that way; it becomes difficult for the hackers to gain access to your vehicle.


  1. Be vigilant while traveling on high way

It is important to be vigilant and take precaution while traveling on the high way, kidnappers and armed robbers use lots of tricks to carry out their evil on the high way.

If you have any reason to stop on the road while traveling, you must stop where you see people around you. It is advisable to stop where you can see people not at the middle of the road where no one can help.

When you are traveling and you notice cattle crossing the highway, do not drive straight to the spot. Maintain your distance to figure out possible attack or robbery by the hoodlums and kidnappers.

When you notice this, please, keep a reasonable distance to make a U-turn. Do not drive toward the cattle; robbers and kidnappers use this new system nowadays to rob and kidnap innocent people on the high way. Please take precaution.

  1. Be vigilant while on traffic at night.

Majority of hawkers on traffic at night especially in Lagos are doing that to rob your vehicle, this hawker’s move in pairs. The hawkers who pretend to sell products will move closer to you at your driver side and all your attention will be towards him at that moment.

If you are not vigilant enough and your door glass is wind down, his pairs might have stolen your phone and laptop before you notice, always wind up your door glass while on traffic at night to save your properties from hoodlums.

  1. Your home security

It is important to make sure all your home security gadget are perfectly working. Always check the gates the doors and the windows of your home and office. If there is any to be replaced do not hesitate to do that.

Make sure you light up your compound for brighter environment at night. It will be difficult for criminals to penetrate in a lighten environment at night. If you use pets like dogs as a security in your house, keep them in a strategic area of your house. Your security dog will quickly alert you through their barking if an intruder is trying to gain entrance to your house.

Make a good relationship with your street vigilante group; get their phone numbers in case of emergency, get the police and other states security agents’ numbers to quickly relate in a case of emergency.

  1. Avoid opening unauthorized Emails and SMS

One of the most tricky phishing scams out there is when “financial institutions” (actually scammers) will reach out to you via phone or email to gain personal information and steal your identity.

Our financial institutions always warn us against these unsolicited messages. If you have not been able to adhere to this warning before from your financial institutions, please do to save yourself from trouble, and also contact your institution directly for any information you are not clear about to minimize your risk.

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