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Defeating the Enemy Within

Defeating the Enemy Within

Compassion is the integration of the mind made evident. When you are kind to yourself, all the pieces fall in the right place.

Embrace ‘unconditional self-acceptance:

Albert Ellis, the father of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, coined this term to refer to a basic, yet often missed truth — we are less than perfect. Accepting that you are a fallible human being is the first step towards coming to terms with yourself.

Unconditional self-acceptance is not the easy way out; it’s the first step to pursuing self-betterment in a healthy manner.

Accept that sometimes you’ll perform well, but you will also go wrong and fail. You are the sum of all your parts — not just the bad or good ones. Unconditionally embrace your entire self without being judgmental.

Love yourself, especially during harsh times:

Compassion is not feeling pity — it’s feeling love. It’s easy to like your perfect image on Instagram when everything feels and looks good. However, it’s during hard times that you need to be more compassionate with yourself.

Own your mistakes without attacking you because you’ve erred.

Psychologists say that mother’s love is (the only) unconditional — no matter what their children do, they will always profoundly care for them. Shouldn’t you love yourself the same way?

Reframe extreme self-criticism:

When your inner voice is making critical judgments, moderate those thoughts by making them conscious. If you think “I am useless,” say to yourself: “Not everything I do happen the way I’d like.” If you think “I’m not smart,” say to yourself: “I need to continue learning and improving my game.” Reframe your judgmental words in a positive way.

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