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Know the Main Causes of Breast Cancer

Know the Main Causes of Breast Cancer

In today’s time, we all are aware of the word breast cancer, which happens because of the uncontrollable growth of the cells in the breast. Women are more at the risk of it than the men. It is one of the most common cancer diagnosed in women and is mainly occurs in either the ducts or lobules of the breast.

It is important for every woman to take some preventive measures to avoid such dreadful condition and for this, having a proper knowledge related to its root cause is a must. If you don’t have it, scroll down to grab now.


Although the main cause of breast cancer in women is not yet identified. Still, there are some factors that foster your risk of getting affected by the disease such as:

  • Aging:

Hard to believe, but it is the truth that aging is one of the common factors. When you start to become old, your risk of getting affected by the disease also gets increased.

  • Alcohol Consumption:

Too much of drinking alcohol also doubles your risk so; you should limit its quantity to avoid it.

  • Dense Breast Tissue:

Another reason that causes the condition is having the dense breast tissue. It may boost the growth of cells that further create the disease.

  • Early Menstruation:

Women who have their periods before the age of 12 are more at the risk of getting afflicted by the disorder than others.

  • Late Child Birth Or Never Being Pregnant:

Women who due to any reason have their very first child at an older age are more at the risk of getting the breast cancer. Also, women who are not able to conceive easily get affected by it.

  • Previous Or Family History:

If you have breast cancer in one breast, so, you are more likely to have it on the other side too. Also, if anyone in your family had it before, so, this may also double your possibilities of breast cancer.

These are a few reasons that increase your risk of getting the breast cancer. And if you are the one in this state, instead of suffering in silence, go and get the proper treatment that doubles your chances of getting recovered.

There are various types of treatment available to heal the problem such as surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal or endocrine therapy, etc. Always go to the right breast cancer treatment based on your current condition.

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