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MERCHANT POLICY is an online marketplace that provides a convenient shopping experience to our customers in Nigeria. We believe in partnership, and we want to grow together with our vendors. We believe in offering quality products to our customers, and strictly wish that all our vendors adhere to selling quality products on our platform. Any vendor found selling substandard product will have his/her store suspended or closed. We urge all vendors to sell ONLY quality products on

In case of any product return by the customers, merchant will be notified by Befitin on phone or email to pick up their return within the period of 7 days. Merchant can request for the delivery of the returned item at a KOS office where the product was initially shipped to the customer. Failure to pick up the
return product within the stipulated time may attract demurrage  and merchant may forfeit any return product that was not pick up in KOS office within the period of 14 days.


Merchant are expected to attend to any arbitration issues raised by their customers within 48hrs. Merchant are advised to use diplomacy in dealing with arbitration cases to avoid been marked as a bad seller by their customers.

Our deliveries are handled by KOS delivery, one of the most reliable courier company in Nigeria. KOS has drop off locations all over the country. Merchants are expected to check  the location that is very close to them. Orders are to be dropped at the closest location to you with the  invoice and waybill that will be  generated for every order.

We urge our Merchants to always update their inventory at least once in a week to avoid out of stock issues and to also ship products within the stipulated time to avoid auto cancellations as 30% auto cancilation in a month by merchants can lead to store suspension. Merchants are to ship product to their customers within 48hrs after order notification has been received.

In the process of opening your store you are required to input your bank account details.

As a seller, it is FORBIDDEN to ask buyers who choose to Pay on Delivery
to pay into a non-Befitin account.

Legal action will be instituted against any merchant found to have sold a fake/counterfeit product to a customer on



At the moment, our commission rate for shipped orders is 10% for all  categories.

At the moment, our commission rate for shipped orders is 10% for all products categories.

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